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Project Description
The CopyData command-line utility enables you to easily transfer sets of data from an Oracle or SQL server data source directly to a target SQL Server database. It is developed in C#.

Designed to replace a target table with a set of source data, CopyData transfers records using these steps:
  • Truncate target table
  • Read a row of data from source
  • Write the row to the target
  • Repeat reading and writing rows until all data has been transferred

A primary use case is to replicate data on a scheduled basis to a web server. The web server serves up a read-only copy of the data from the source database without providing any direct access from the web to the data source. In this scenario, however, if the target table is used directly as the source for the web site, the data set will be incomplete while the load is taking place.

Example usage:
CopyData.exe /fromoracledatabase ORACLE /fromuserid QUERY /frompassword PASSWORD /fromtable HR.Employees /columns EmployeeId,Name,PhoneNumber /tosqlinstance web01\SQLEXPRESS /tosqldatabase HRQuery /totable EmployeeInfo

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